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01 Aug 2022

Problems with recursion?

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31 Jul 2022


If you like functional programming, this is an awesome game you don’t want to miss. Well, it is cool if you are ne...
30 Jul 2022


29 Jul 2022

The Future of Programming (by Bret Victor)

I watched this video some years ago, and it was a fascinating depiction of the early software industry, about how creati...
28 Jul 2022

The "M" word (Monads)

When you start with functional programming, saying the M word is like swearing. This esoteric, strange, and uncommon wor...
27 Jul 2022

Processes, threads, green threads, protothreads, fibers, coroutines: what's the difference?

I found this answer on StackOverflow that is worth saving and revisiting in the future. Concurrency is a broad topic, ha...
26 Jul 2022

Time Capsule Playlist

My Time Capsule
25 Jul 2022

Remember when Scala replaced Java?

24 Jul 2022

The Actor Model

I love this conversation between Carl Hewitt, Clemens Szyperski, and Erik Meijer, describing the Actor Model. It is a v...
23 Jul 2022

Playing with Scala.js and a canvas (Part 2)

Today I played a little more with Scala.js, and make some progress on my tic-tac-toe project 🙂. Now we have a board like...
22 Jul 2022

:wq to exit conversation

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21 Jul 2022

Why Scala?

In this video, Adam Warski from SoftwareMill talks about some Scala features that make it great for business applications.