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11 Jul 2022

The Expanse

Not so long ago, I realized that I became a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. After watching the Game of Thrones TV show, I jumped into the books, and it was a great experience. Not so nerd to be an ASOIF expert, it was for me a new experience to live through the eyes of those characters what was happening in their world.

Sometime later, when I watched a teaser of The Expanse on Amazon Prime Video, it was obvious to me that it will be my next sci-fi adventure. A year later I got a subscription, and finally, I dive in.

If you want to know what The Expanse is about, this AltShiftX video is a great starting point.

Currently, I’m finishing the 3rd book of the sagaAbandon’s Gate”. Using the same Game of Thrones style of character points of view to tell the events, the authors add to the story an intimate relationship with the characters’ feelings and struggles, I love this.

Hoping you find interesting these TV show and books too, see you in another post.