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07 Aug 2022

How to start a Scala.js project

Scala.js is a Scala to JavaScript compiler. In this post, we are going to see a couple of ways to start a project. Forem...
06 Aug 2022

Restaurants in Panama

I became a fan of making lists, with OpenVE it took off and work now as a community directory. Today almost every restau...
05 Aug 2022

Glot, a runnable pastebin

Some time ago, I discovered, an open-source pastebin with runnable snippets and API. Having all these programmi...
04 Aug 2022

Why is Kafka fast? (by Sahn Lam)

Apache Kafka is a central piece for a lot of data architectures. One of Kafka’s key features is velocity, in ad...
03 Aug 2022

A gift from my wife

I love sparrows. For me, they are like good omen messengers, a call for a simple life, enjoying small things, and living...
02 Aug 2022

Git Workflow

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01 Aug 2022

Problems with recursion?

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31 Jul 2022


If you like functional programming, this is an awesome game you don’t want to miss. Well, it is cool if you are ne...
30 Jul 2022


29 Jul 2022

The Future of Programming (by Bret Victor)

I watched this video some years ago, and it was a fascinating depiction of the early software industry, about how creati...
28 Jul 2022

The "M" word (Monads)

When you start with functional programming, saying the M word is like swearing. This esoteric, strange, and uncommon wor...
27 Jul 2022

Processes, threads, green threads, protothreads, fibers, coroutines: what's the difference?

I found this answer on StackOverflow that is worth saving and revisiting in the future. Concurrency is a broad topic, ha...