Ideas, drafts, and hacks

27 Sep 2022

How to access WSL's files from Windows explorer

I was looking for where Docker stores its volumes on a Windows machine. Looking at this answer on Stack Overflow, I real...
10 Sep 2022

Install Erlang and Elixir on Rocky Linux (CentOS/RHEL)

For several years I have heard about these two languages, Erlang and Elixir, and this week I thought it’ll be wort...
03 Sep 2022

How to embed a YouTube playlist in a Hugo website

Hugo is very flexible to create a static page website, with rich contents. So, one of the things we like to share is You...
02 Sep 2022

Kafka Connect Resources

These are some resources I’m using to learn about Kafka Connect. Kafka Connect, is the integration API for Apache ...
21 Aug 2022

Updating my now page

A /now page is a place where we add information about what are we focused on at this point of our life. It has been a wh...
20 Aug 2022


Hate when this happens to me. Ohhhhh — Cassidy (@cassidoo) August 19, 2022 tweet by @cassidoo
18 Aug 2022

Get Moving

This is another quote from the book The Obstacle Is the Way, this time about the attitude to confront obstacles. Get mov...
16 Aug 2022

Life After Death by Powerpoint (by Don McMillan)

Don McMillan is a genius. I watched a version of this video back in 2008, and today still funny. This other video is equally gold.
15 Aug 2022

Dawn in Panama City

Gifts for sight and delight.
13 Aug 2022

SSH Port Forwarding

Something I do regulary is accessing a port from a server from my local machine. For this we use SSH Tunneling and the t...
11 Aug 2022

Playing with Scala.js and a canvas (Part 3)

Today I had more time to try Scala.js again. Now, I added a bit of order to this chaos of random colors, we loop through...
10 Aug 2022

The Power of Akka

In this short video, the people of Lightbend shows some features of Akka that help to build cloud applications capabl...